How to Convert a Facebook Page to a Business App


It is very easy to have the facebook business page to mobile app conversion done. The initial step is to get the personal page to a business one then from there you can easily convert it to a business app.

The conversion can take a maximum of ten minutes to happen with a good internet connection. When in your facebook account, all that you need for the conversion is found in the basic information section. Without affecting your contacts, you can be able to convert easily using the drop down menu that converts only the category of the page. That way your contacts remain and the page shows up as a business page.

You will need an internet connection in your browser. Then log in to your personal facebook account that you want to be changed into a facebook business page . The edit page icon is found on the right corner of the page and you will need to click on it. Next step is selecting the basic information and choose the categories options. Different options pop up and you will need to select the local businesses and places icon. With that several options appear and you will need to click the kind of business you want to have. Finally save the changes at the bottom of the page and there you have it.

Once you have the business page, the other step is to convert it to a business app. The world is moving fast in technology and people are now connecting through various apps in the market. Using a facebook page to be the organizer in building the app makes the work which is usually quite tedious as an easy task. When the facebook business page is turned into a mobile app, all the notifications are seen in the app and you no longer have to spent much time logging into facebook to manage the page.

Several steps have to be followed. The conversion occurs under a certain website or an app like the iBuildApp which you are given the option to make the conversion. Here you are enabled to copy the business page name from facebook to an app. Before the creation is done, the system verifies how legit the business name is from facebook and then it creates it. Once it starts the conversion, a bar is seen showing the progress. Choosing the kind of an app you will need is the final step.

In your own preference, make changes and additives required in the site as the administrator. Publish the app in the various app store platforms for people to be able to download.